i'm sorry for what i've done. what i did was a huge mistake and i should have never acted the way i did. i was obsessive and was afraid of being alone. i wanted someone to care about me and give me attention. i should have never dated them they where way younger than me and i was a fool to think that this relationship would make me happy. i did a lot of shitty things because i was afraid they'd leave me and i couldn't stand being a lone. i was pothetically lonely and wanted someone i could be effectionate to. i have treated them horribly and i'm sorry. i'm sorry i did this to you. i'm sorry i hurt you with this relationship. i'm sorry to everyone. i'm so sorry. i feel horrible for what i've done and i want to be better i want to be a better person. im going to be better and i promise to never hurt anyone ever again. — one of my fav mortis ghost pieces